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Calder D. Ehrmann Scholarship Recipients

The Spring 2020 Calder D. Ehrmann Scholarship Recipients 

(l-r) Chris Ballard, Leslie Latimer, Glenda Ehrmann, Ramon Nieves-Lugo, Adrick Ceasar
Not pictured: Chris Manley

Calder D. Ehrmann was an outstanding businessman, a community leader and a great champion for diversity. More than any single individual, Calder was responsible for bringing the Diversity Leaders Initiative (DLI) to South Carolina.

Besides sparking the DLI effort, for the past 11 years Calder led the work of carefully crafting the mix of participants of the two annual Upstate classes. His passion for equitable treatment of all people has been infectious and has had a major impact on making the state a better place to live and work. In memory of Calder and recognition of his leadership, the Calder D. Ehrmann Diversity Leaders Fund was created in 2015. It provides scholarships that ensure that representatives of nonprofit, faith-based and underrepresented groups can participate in Upstate DLI classes and help drive positive change in the Upstate and all of South Carolina. 

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