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Community Action Projects

Team Get Together

OUTLINE: “Team Get Together” presents the Charleston Privilege Walk as our Capstone Project.

NEEDS ADDRESSED: The goals of this group were to create a piece of art that would live on after project completion, one that would speak directly to concepts learned during the DLI, and one that gives viewers—despite their level of comfort on the subject—a subjective piece that would allow them to internalize the conversation around privilege and show how we are all affected by its existence.

Team Great Expectations

Team Great Expectations decided to volunteer with the Florence Crittenton House in Charleston, SC. Florence Crittenton is a non-profit organization that provides young, pregnant women with comprehensive services aimed at helping them become self-sufficient and responsible mothers. Through their volunteer work in home/garden improvement projects and meal preparations, Team Great Expectations was able to address problems in health, housing, and finances for a previously underserved population of the Lowcountry community.

Team GR8

“A Pre-College Experience”

Team GR8 focused their group efforts on emphasizing the importance of higher education to lesser-advantaged students. We know that through positive experiences and real life interaction, community members have a chance to influence the future decisions of today’s youth. Team GR8 offered a select group of targeted students – those who have the potential to continue their education beyond high school, but who may not have been exposed to a college environment – an opportunity to visit a college campus and hear first-hand from college representatives.

Team Homegrown

Gardens of Change was started to create an opportunity to help improve the health and well-being of people who live in food deserts across South Carolina. In partnership with the Boys & Girls Club of the Midlands the first Garden of Change was planted in Columbia SC in the Spring of 2015 in hopes of expanding the number of gardens in South Carolina to all of the Community Centers and Schools where the Boys & Girls Club of the Midlands operates programs.

Team Hot Spot

Team Hot Spot aims to bridge the digital divide that is so prevalent in South Carolina by expanding broadband access for students. Many programs, such as Apple grants, provide educational devices for students. However, when the students go home, many of them do not have access to Wi-Fi and so cannot use the devices to work on homework assignments. Through various collaborations with technology officials and organizations such as Connect South Carolina, Team Hot Spot will establish four Internet connectivity centers for students throughout the state.

Team Leverage

Team Leverage aims to promote financial literacy especially among populations that have historically tended toward financial instability. Partnering with Origin South Carolina, Team Leverage will help people gain financial leverage over their circumstances through financial counseling. Team Leverage will make presentations at various businesses, especially sharing ideas with human resources coordinators to spread the message about financial literacy.


Diversity Inspired Youth (DIY) is an annual program designed to promote diversity, inclusion, understanding and collaboration amongst high school students in their 11th grade year. It will have, as its model, The Riley Institute’s Diversity Leaders Initiative and will be targeted to high school youth in Greenville County.

Team Metanoia

Team Metanoia chose to augment an already existing program in the Charleston area. This program is geared toward improving the lives of those who live in the Chicora Cherokee neighborhood, a low income community in North Charleston with tremendous challenges and vast potential. A full 98% of its students at the local elementary school live below the poverty line. At one time, the community had the highest crime rate in the city of North Charleston and the 12th highest crime rate overall in the nation. The community is comprised of 85 percent rental property.

Team Nia

Team Nia (pronounced Knee-ah; means “purpose” in Swahili) launched an initiative to help local parks and institutions facilitate access to recreation opportunities and services for individuals and families with limited English proficiency.

The size of the international community is one of Greenville’s prized assets; however, the growth of this population has also challenged the Greenville community to provide services to non-English speakers and immigrants. Greenville currently lacks the infrastructure to adequately serve and/or communicate with the non-English-speaking community.

Team PASSION (Poverty Awareness – Simulating Struggles in Our Neighborhoods)

More than 46 million Americans live in poverty, and a third are living in low-income.  Every day under-resourced families face frightening insecurity characterized by unemployment or under employment, food and shelter insecurity, and a stressful day-to-day existence.  Team PASSION first focused its efforts on understanding the impact of limited resources on day-to-day living through their participation in the Missouri Community Action Partnership Poverty Simulation, a live event in which more than 100 participants were challenged to make it through a month while navigating unex