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Path to Pattison's

Path to Pattison’s capstone project featured the charter school, Pattison’s Academy. The Academy provides training and therapy for children with serve disabilities. Respecting and valuing the mission and services that Pattison’s provides, the group chose to focus on those external customers servicing the Pattison’s students. To that end, the group interviewed Occupational Therapy students from the Medical University of South Carolina that work with the students at Pattison’s to gauge their readiness for interacting with the diverse student body.

People Plus

Team members of People Plus wanted to work with a project that would support high school students in a way that addresses some of the common challenges found in today’s school: cliques, intolerance, bullying, teasing and harassment. This past February, Greenville High School sponsored 3 day-long programs called “Challenge Day.” As a result, three hundred Greenville High School students and 100 adults (teachers, administrators and community members) came together in this program designed to empower young people and create unity.

Poinsett People

The Poinsett People’s Team objective was to devise a project which would provide young people of middle school age from very low income backgrounds with the opportunities, skills and forum/voice to positively influence their community in a lasting and impactful manner.


Team PossibiliTEES wants to increase the number of at-risk youth who are exposed to the game of golf, while imparting the life skills which are associated with the game. By partnering with the First Tee of Greater Charleston we hope to build a successful, beneficial and long-term relationship with the students of the Charleston County School District. Initially, PossibiliTEES in collaboration with First Tee of Greater Charleston will offer this exemplary outreach program to the upper grades at Memminger Elementary School located in downtown Charleston.


Members of Prism focused on a desire to ensure that all young people have the opportunity to embrace, learn, and grow from their individual diversity. They sought to unify the community by raising awareness about the experiences of children in South Carolina.

Project A.W.A.R.E.: (Fostering) Awareness Within an All-Inclusive and Respectful Environment

PROJECT A.W.A.R.E. is a three-hour instructional program on diversity, including its definitions and its importance, which will be delivered to ninth-grade students at Columbia High School in their Advisory Groups.  Each year thereafter the Advisory Groups would deliver similar diversity instruction to the incoming ninth grade class, thus sustaining the momentum.

Project C.O.O.L.: Celebrating Others through Opportunities in Learning

Members of Project C.O.O.L brought together a diverse group of high school students from various schools in the Lowcountry to create an opportunity for them to mirror some of the experiences that DLI participants experience throughout their class interactions. Group members aimed to create an opportunity for discussion after sharing two activities in the community.

Project Discovery

Project Discovery is the result of an innovative partnership with the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Upstate, Carver Middle School and DLI that provides 18 high-performing students with an opportunity to get an interactive view of three Upstate employers. Boys & Girls Club members will get an in-depth look at facilities and feature hands-on activities and informal discussions with business leaders to discuss future career options and study.

Project Word Up

Project Word Up is designed to bring focus to the concept that all people possess leadership traits. In order to do this our plan is to develop The Leader in Me program at a school in Greenville County. This program is an innovative, school wide model that increases teacher effectiveness, student engagement, and academic achievement, while preparing students to be leaders in the 21st century. The Leader in Me takes the seven traits from the book, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, and applies them to a school.


QOLIG, or Quality of Life Index Group, identified the need to study the high school dropout rate of South Carolina students. As the number of students who drop out before the 12th grade continues to grow, group members recognized the need for a form of mentorship to take place between the students and their community. Through their examination of high school dropout rates in South Carolina, QOLIG members constructed a website that presents a great deal of information related to the escalating dropout rate.