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Project C.O.O.L.: Celebrating Others through Opportunities in Learning

(l-r): Melonie Hammond-Trace, Billy Keyserling, Deborah Johnson,
Cleveland Sellers, Selena Wilson, Channing Proctor, Carolyn Murray, Russ Keller

Members of Project C.O.O.L brought together a diverse group of high school students from various schools in the Lowcountry to create an opportunity for them to mirror some of the experiences that DLI participants experience throughout their class interactions. Group members aimed to create an opportunity for discussion after sharing two activities in the community.

Project C.O.O.L group members organized a day where students prepared and served a meal at a local homeless shelter and took a tour of Fort Sumter. The day ended with an open and honest discussion between the students and DLI members about their experiences and lasting impressions. Project C.O.O.L team members hope to create another opportunity for this group of students to come together to recognize and support diversity.