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Dream School Team

(l-r) Front Row: Nancy Bocanegra, Sean Dogan, Mary Ann Pires
Back Row: Martin Livingston, David Ellison, Dave Lowe, 
Bob Wilson, Michael Batchelor; not pictured: Trish Bailey

Members of the Dream School Team created and implemented a program for St. Anthony of Padua Catholic School in Greenville, intended to raise public awareness of the school’s educational success. As a K-6 school located in a former mill neighborhood, St. Anthony’s serves a diverse population, 90% of whom are non-Catholic.  The school achieves remarkable results with limited resources from a 60-year-old building.

The Dream School Team’s project consisted of developing a greater partnership with its neighboring school, Greenville High School Senior Academy.  As a result of print media placement, the Dream School Team ran a successful campaign to have St. Anthony’s selected as a beneficiary of Greenville High School’s 2011 “Spirit Week,” securing a foundation matching gift that will propel any Spirit Week proceeds beyond $100K to St. Anthony’s.  In addition, the Dream School Team created an avenue for new interaction between St. Anthony’s and various Greenville High volunteer clubs, as well as launching a St. Anthony’s Facebook Alumni Page to reconnect alumni to the School and to one another.  

To view the group's PowerPoint presentation, click here; for The Greenville News article written by Mary Ann Pires, click here.