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Change Agents

(l-r) Front Row: Michael Shain, Benjie Mills, Rosie Sullivan, Amy Ryberg Doyle, Frank Cox
Back Row: Frank Wideman, III, Ben Alexander, Carl Sharperson, Darrell Johnson

The Change Agents sought a way to help individuals who have been disenfranchised by homelessness and/or mental illness.  Partnering with the Triune Mercy Center—an agency actively involved with this overlooked population—group members developed a landscaping project in conjunction with the existing Triune renovation. This project will beautify the entrance to the triage services at the Center.  Group members retained a landscape architect, produced a landscape plan, acquired funding and donations, and will soon come together to work on the landscaping of the entrance.  The Change Agents are set to complete their landscaping beautification of the Triune Mercy Center during the fall of 2011.

To view the group's PowerPoint presentation, click here.