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Embrace SC

Sidney Evering, Jim Hammond, Helen Myers, Jim Reynolds,
Gayle Sawyer, Molly Spearman, Brent Weaver, Tiger Wells

Embrace SC has created a website that can be utilized as a tool for companies who are targeting and recruiting diverse candidates to the Midlands. Mindful of the negative perception that many people still have of South Carolina, the group’s website provides links to organizations, activities and relevant resources in the Midlands that cater to diverse individuals in the following categories:

  • Healthcare
  • Restaurants/Grocers
  • News and Media
  • Cultural Societies and Organizations
  • Education
  • Recreation and Entertainment
  • Religion
  • Lifestyle, and
  • Arts 

Once a permanent host is found for our website, the categories will be expanded and continuously updated. Embrace SC members hope that recruiters will use this website resource to highlight the Midlands region as it relates to diversity, while also giving new hires and recruits an opportunity to find resources and avenues to assimilate in the South Carolina culture.

The website address is