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Poinsett People

Michael Allen, Cevin Bryant, Jada Charley,
Gally Gallivan, Fred Miller, Stan Smith, Kelvin Standard

The Poinsett People’s Team objective was to devise a project which would provide young people of middle school age from very low income backgrounds with the opportunities, skills and forum/voice to positively influence their community in a lasting and impactful manner.

The group sought out to 1) help develop skills which are critical to success as adults such as how to make an effective presentation including how to frame an argument, use various media skillfully and 2) align with an on-going project where a group of students could make a measurable impact. This project is the Poinsett Corridor Revitalization Project (PCRP).

On May 22, 2012, a group of student government leaders at Lakeview Middle School delivered a presentation to an audience that included the Poinsett People plus members of the steering committee of PCRP and representatives of county government. The students presented ideas for the use of the space in the “linear park” currently contemplated in PCRP plans. As a result the students were invited to present its recommendations to the full steering PCRP committee at its regularly scheduled meeting on June 27, 2012.