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Know Difference

Team members: Bill Evans, Joan Hoffman, Bill Painter,
Billy Richardson, Bea Rivers, Dwight Stewart, Cynthia Wilson

Members of the Know Difference Team recognized that often good news is overshadowed by the bad news in today’s society. Know Difference decided to promote South Carolina’s good news…already existing, dynamic youth programs that have daily impact and address diversity. Team members reviewed three programs and narrowed their focus to Unite Summerton. Unite Summerton brings together students from two local Summerton schools one public, Scotts Branch, and one private, Clarendon Hall, to celebrate and promote diversity amongst young people.

Know Difference team members approached ETV and made them aware of Unite Summerton. Producers of Connections, The Big Picture, and a new show being developed during Summer 2013 will review Unite Summerton in early Fall 2013 for its journalistic content through a community interest lens. If chosen, ETV producers will interview leaders and children participating in Unite Summerton and decide on content and format for production.

Team Know Difference will promote any coverage with the six statewide associations that serve school teachers and administrators so that professionals working with children have access to a strong existing program with which they may find an interest.