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The Riley Institute-Honoring the History of the Rice Culture

Team Members: Row 1 (l-r) Nella Barkley, Babs Warner, Cindy Brams, Erica Taylor
Row 2 (l-r) Dixon Woodward, Jonathan Green, Elizabeth Colbert-Busch,
David Bundy, Holly Thomas

The purpose of this Capstone project is to develop an opportunity to educate and provide an experience around the Rice Culture and to expose the economic contributions of the culture for 8th Grade students in Charleston County. The group is providing a thoroughly planned out and financially supported field trip to the Rice Museum and Hobcaw Barony for the 8th grade students at Sanders-Clyde and Burke Middle Schools. Curriculum has been developed and will be turned over to the schools to be used by the teachers in the school. A package will be compiled that details the repeatable processes to schedule and execute the field trip in the years to come and allow this experience to be shared by other schools.