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Triple A Student

Team Members: Row 1 (l-r) Tonya Phillips, Mary Sharp, Tina Gentry
Row 2 (l-r) Jon Rembold, Steve Riley, Stephen Murray, Jeff Moss

The “AAA” student initiative was designed around the concept that with the right attitude and aptitude a student can excel  regardless of their background – in other words- lift his/her altitude. The purpose of the program is to provide educational opportunities to all students that will enhance the current offerings of Beaufort County School District in the areas of character development, networking skills, effective communication, conflict resolution, and problem solving techniques through such mediums as the arts and community service.  

Through a collaboration with Beaufort County School District, online modules will be built by high school students (with the content provided by the team members) on topics that will enhance a student’s high school experience and teach the soft skills that will enable them to transition into the college environment or working environment much more smoothly.