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Pay It Forward

Row 1 (l-r): Ame Sanders, Karen Burgess, Linda Butler, Darian Blue
Row 2 (l-r): Matt Rollins, Scot Baddley, Victoria Kirby, Michael Hildebrand, Erica McCleskey

Building upon the success of two prior Capstone projects, Team Pay It Forward partnered with a program with proven results: Momentum Bike Clubs (MBC). MBC mission is to positively impact the development of young people through mentoring relationships by establishing bike clubs in underserved communities.

Team Pay It Forward will purchase and outfit a trailer to store a minimum of 17 bicycles, helmets and tools for middle school students. This trailer will expand MBC into additional schools, increase student access to diverse geographic areas of our country, and promote community awareness. Each year, 40 additional students will be able to enjoy MBC. The cost of this project is $6,000 and funds have already been secured.

The trailer will be ready and delivered in time for Spring riding!