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All In

(l-r): Troy Hanna, Carey Rothschild, Alonzo Thompson, Asha McMilliam
Neal Urch, Kathy Rivers, Vic Koelsch, James White 

Uniting with Project Hope Foundation, Team All In, will assist in securing the renovation for a new and critical addition to their mission. Project HOPE Foundation has access to a residential house located adjacent to the Hope Reach Clinic in Woodruff, SC. 

This house will serve as a “real life” setting for teaching important life skills to individuals that will promote independence and a sense of contribution to those with autism. Skills taught in this home include the processes involved in bed making, cooking, laundry, grooming and self-care. 

Team All In has been able to secure $25,000 out of the $40,000 needed in order to successfully implement this project. They are working diligently to raise the remaining $15,000. The grand opening of the home is scheduled for March 2015.