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Project A.W.A.R.E.: (Fostering) Awareness Within an All-Inclusive and Respectful Environment

(l-r): Gail Morrison, Kelvin Washington, Breon Walker, Scott Graves, Marvin Davis,
John Busch, Shenequa Coles, Stephanie Cooper-Lewter

PROJECT A.W.A.R.E. is a three-hour instructional program on diversity, including its definitions and its importance, which will be delivered to ninth-grade students at Columbia High School in their Advisory Groups.  Each year thereafter the Advisory Groups would deliver similar diversity instruction to the incoming ninth grade class, thus sustaining the momentum. Developed from a survey administered to approximately 70 mixed-grade students to determine what students know and do not know about diversity and in conjunction with the school’s teachers, the instructional program will culminate in a capstone group project in the form of a skit that will dramatize lessons learned or provide instruction about diversity. The skits will compete against each other, with the winner selected by the SC Chamber’s Diversity Council and recognized at the Council’s annual Gala.