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Turning Leaf Community Impact Art Project

Row 1 (l-r): Kenny Gardner, Julia-Ellen Davis, Jennifer Murray
Row 2 (l-r): Spencer Lynch, Adair Boroughs, Melanie Stith, Eddie Driggers
Not Pictured: Paul Kohlheim, Steve Woodward

The Turning Leaf Project (TLP) is a program aimed in reducing recidivism amongst high risk inmates’ by helping them transition positively back into their community through the use of cognitive behavior therapy. TLP has been in search of a way to bring together current inmates participating in the program with previous victims of crime in a positive setting that promotes positive, genuine interaction. The group will help facilitate this meeting by having the participants and victims reproduce a piece of artwork onto tiles that will be prominently displayed in one of the Charleston Promise Neighborhood schools. The art image will be provided by The Gibbes Museum of Art and a local artisan, Casimir Kowalski, will oversee the production and installation of the mural. Reproducing this mural will not only provide a purpose to bring many diverse individuals together, but will also result in a permanent piece of artwork displayed in an elementary school in the hopes of inspiring many conversations about how it came together.