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Laurens: Raider Ready

Team members: Row 1 (l-r) Lacresha Byrd, Rhett Harris, Sonya Bryant
Row 2 (l-r) Michael Polson, Ryan Bolding, Ross Gambrell

Raider Ready aims to expound upon our existing ninth grade bridge program. The transition from four small community schools to one large 4A/5A high school is difficult for all students, but particularly for at-risk students. The bridge program currently serves approximately 60 students (fifteen from each school) and is essentially focused around extension activities involving reading and mathematics. The existing bridge program meets Monday-Thursday beginning on June 7 and ending on June 24 from 8 AM until 12 PM daily. Parents provide transportation. Students have to attend and actively participate in 10 of the 11 full day sessions.

The Raider Ready team wishes to increase the “buy-in” with these students in hopes of expanding their individual desire for education and a better future. The team wants to expose them to lucrative opportunities for employment in the community, demonstrate that they can play a role in their community, and mentor younger students in the district. In an effort to help these students truly be ready for a positive role in high school, this project group is offering the readiness activities to students from two of the middle schools for the second and third weeks of the bridge program. These activities will take place June 13-16 and June 20-23, from 12:30 until 3:30. Activities will include service projects, business tours, and STEM activities.

Transportation will be funded through the district summer programs.