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Team Get Together

Team members: Row 1 (l-r): Grant Reeves, Angela Mack, Ayesha Washington, Len Young
Row 2 (l-r): Nick Sanders, Cathryn Zommer, KJ Kearney
Not pictured: Dave Echols

OUTLINE: “Team Get Together” presents the Charleston Privilege Walk as our Capstone Project.

NEEDS ADDRESSED: The goals of this group were to create a piece of art that would live on after project completion, one that would speak directly to concepts learned during the DLI, and one that gives viewers—despite their level of comfort on the subject—a subjective piece that would allow them to internalize the conversation around privilege and show how we are all affected by its existence.

HOW: To illustrate the concept that privilege is something that affects us all, this team has decided to create a short video, recreating “privilege walks” specifically to speak to people from the greater Charleston area. Team members’ contacts are vast as they are influential, so to make this issue more pertinent to our intended targets, the team plans to ask notable residents to participate in this video.

Participants would all start from the same point but would move forward or backward based on privileges or disadvantages they personally identify with. However, at the end of the recording session, the moderator would ask “unifying questions” in an attempt to get everyone back on the same starting point to illustrate that we have just as many things in common as we do things that make us different.

The video will be uploaded to YouTube for distribution. A list of influencers and community partners—from public and private sector businesses to local government agencies—will be created to help us spread the word on the video.