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Leadership Landscape

Team members: Row 1 (l-r): Betsy Kinsley, Patrick Wooten, Bea Wray, Marcus Robinson Brandon Renaud, Mavis Huger, Bruce Hoffman, Bill Stanfield

The Leadership Landscape Speaker Series is a program designed to bring local leaders with diverse backgrounds, and from a variety of different industries, into public elementary, middle and high schools to talk to students about the path to professional success. Many of the speakers identified for this series will share the characteristic of being distinctive in their respective fields due to their gender, racial, or ethnic background. The intent of the series is to expose all participating students to the diversity of options available to them and help them think through their own path to professional success. The Leadership Landscape Speaker Series is intended to be self-perpetuating in that each speaker will be asked to nominate another leader to volunteer to speak at a school. The Speaker Series is initially in partnership with the Charleston County School District but could be expanded to, or duplicated in, other school districts.