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Fostering Hope

Team Members: Row 1 (l-r): Ann Robinson, Melanie Armstrong, Katrice Hardy, Nathalie Morgan
Row 2 (l-r): Amy Canosa, Derek Lewis, Lud Weaver, Ed Good
Not pictured: William McMillian

Team Fostering Hope has partnered with Fostering Great Ideas (FGI), an organization dedicated to improving the lives of children as they struggle in foster care ( Currently in Upstate South Carolina, there are 1,642 children in foster care and only 900 foster families. Seven hundred and forty two more foster families are needed TODAY so that every child can live with a family while in foster care.

Team Fostering Hope and FGI have developed a two-part model to address the need for additional foster families. This model entitled Celebrate + Share is comprised of the following:

  1. A Foster Parent Celebration Event that will take place on January 27th at Westminster Presbyterian Church. This dinner will include 300 Upstate Foster Parents and their guests. Current foster families will be thanked for their sacrifice and begin the discussion around sharing foster parent stories to find new foster families. 
  2. A Video Training Model that will be developed and offered to current foster parents who are interested in enrolling to gain skills in effectively sharing their stories to find new foster families. 

Team Fostering Hope will raise $13,000+ to implement this model and sustain it for years to come. Team Fostering Hope will also assist at the event and provide door prizes.