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(l-r) Guest, Jennie Stephens, Mark Mitchell, Clara Heinsolm, Skip Godow, Diane Owens,
Monty Knight, Willette Burnham, Paul Dominick (William Gilliard not in the photo)

Team PossibiliTEES wants to increase the number of at-risk youth who are exposed to the game of golf, while imparting the life skills which are associated with the game. By partnering with the First Tee of Greater Charleston we hope to build a successful, beneficial and long-term relationship with the students of the Charleston County School District. Initially, PossibiliTEES in collaboration with First Tee of Greater Charleston will offer this exemplary outreach program to the upper grades at Memminger Elementary School located in downtown Charleston. We are hopeful that we can expand this opportunity to other elementary schools in the near future. The First Tee of Greater Charleston, which is a chapter of the First Tee, a nationwide initiative of the World Golf Foundation, has an ambitious mission. It wants to provide affordable access to golf, while instilling and developing essential character values, such as honesty, integrity, respect for tradition, etiquette, sportsmanship, self-esteem, self-discipline, confidence, and a solid work ethic. The students enhance their athletic skills as well as their social skills and core values. The members of Team PossibiliTEES have become certified coaches and will serve in this capacity beginning January 2009 at Memminger, our designated school. We are pleased to be a part of this exciting program and are expecting this initiative to have a positive impact on the students in our public schools.