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New Vision

(l-r) Denise Ciccarelli, Robert Rhodes, Anita Zucker, Lynn Pagliaro, Barbara Zia,
Darrin Johnson, Erika Harrison (Julia Martin not in the photo)

The New Vision project concept is to develop an implementation plan for a pilot program at North Charleston High School (NCHS) by replicating the PE4Life model as adopted by R.B. Stall High School. This program focuses on the impact of physical wellness and health on learning. The R.B. Stall administration made a commitment to restructure the physical education instruction at the school, to incorporate more aerobically-based activities, cross-cerebral games and aerobic dance. Action-based learning strategies are being implemented for high needs students, integrating acceptable classroom movement in language arts and math classes. (The R.B. Stall High School program plan is detailed in the presentation “The Mind/Body Connection: Fitness and Wellness at Stall.”) The New Vision team believes this program can be replicated at NCHS through support of local community leaders and with a broader vision to engage university partners to pursue grant funding for a county-wide or even state-wide program, using NCHS, R.B. Stall High School and potentially others as identified pilot sites. The ultimate goal of the program would be healthier lifestyles for students, which is tied to increased motivation, self-esteem, performance and achievement, decreased delinquency and teen pregnancy, and potential for healthier, more productive adults and lower net social cost. New Vision members identified potential local resources to support implementation of the program at NCHS. Two existing MUSC programs specifically address obesity and obesity-related diabetes – MUSC Lean Team and Reach 2010. Dr. Carolyn Jenkins offers the Power to Prevent program to promote diabetes prevention, including promotion of healthy life style choices. The MUSC Lean Team partners with local areas schools, including R.B. Stall High School in support of their PE4Life curriculum. The New Vision group facilitated meetings with MUSC Reach 2010 team, NCHS faculty, The Noisette Foundation leadership and others to begin a dialogue among potential partners and NCHS.