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(l-r) Rose Wilder, Ben Boozer (guest), Tony Cooper, Trip DuBard,
Paige King, Kimberly Davis, Amy Love, James Darby

With the general belief that young people are the future leaders of South Carolina and must be taught diversity issues, members of Fusion geared their interest towards the seniors of Clarendon County’s public and private high schools. Their goal was to build leadership skills, relationships, and community among these high school seniors by planning a community service project. Members of Fusion partnered with City Year Columbia and the Clarendon community to achieve their goal.

Members of Fusion produced a three step plan to implement the community service project. First, they worked with City Year Columbia to discuss a model for the project, the allocation of resources, and the execution of the project. Second, Fusion is planning Session One in which City Year Corps members worked with a core group of high school seniors from Scott’s Branch High School and Clarendon Hall School to provide team and relationship building and to identify a project of their choice. Third, members of Fusion are planning the implementation of the project chosen by the high school students. Fusion members will be present for one session, find resources to fund the community service project, and help choose students to participate in the project.

Currently members of Fusion plan to identify the group of students who will participate and implement the community service project by Fall 2009.