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Monnie and the Magical 8

Row 1(l-r): Khushru Tata, Kim Bowman, Lisa Hayes, Rosalyn Frierson, Michael Beal
Row 2 (l-r): Rita Bragg Caughman, Monnie Singleton, Ray Sharpe, Ken Trogdon

Members of Monnie and the Magical 8 sought to teach young people to “Take a Second Look.” Understanding that discrimination begins in middle school, members of Monnie and the Magical 8 set their goal to urge middle school students to look beyond their classmates’ clothes, hair color, weight, or height.

With this goal in mind, members of Monnie and the Magical 8 created a Diversity Awareness Community Action Plan. The plan consists of Public Service Announcements (PSAs) that will educate middle school students across South Carolina to minimize judgments based on physical appearance. The PSA announcements will enhance a current “You Don’t Look Like Me” program and will be shown on morning news programs in Richland One middle schools.

Members of Monnie and the Magical 8 currently plan to partner with students of Dreher High School in Fall 2009 to create three different PSA programs. Once they are completed, the PSA announcements will be shown in all Richland One middle schools.