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No Trash Simply Recycle

(l-r) Terry Stinson, Julie Medich, Wayne Gregory, Mark Wright, Paul Thurmond,
Geales Gavin Sands, David Rivers (John Knott is not in the photo)

The care of the environment is not a racial or gender problem. It is our problem because we all live in this beautiful planet called Earth. However, its beauty is declining because of our trash. There is one very simple way for us all to help resolve the issue – recycling. Our current methods of disposing of trash have become a major hazard. Landfills, which were simply designed to be a mound or large hole of trash that is covered, are very well on its way to meeting its capacity. Resources for expansion are diminishing. Incinerators for burning trash are not being renewed due to the pollutants that it distributes into the atmosphere. However, one solution is to get everyone to recycle. Recycling cost less to operate than landfills and incinerators. It also saves money as well as reduces the amount of air and water pollutants. Our solution that could help you personally as well as the environment is called Recycle Bank. If implemented, it could boost recycle rates, cut trash disposal, and reward you, the customer, with points that may be used for discounts at participating retailers. The goal of this program is to save our environment, educate our youth for continual savings, and reward those who participate.