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OneSouthCarolina 2012

OneSouthCarolina®: DLI Graduate Weekend – Exclusively for DLI alumni

Marriott Resort and Spa, Hilton Head Island
February 24-26, 2012

Over a fast-paced, inspiring, stimulating and enjoyable three days in late February, a great number of prominent, cross-sector leaders from across South Carolina came together on Hilton Head Island. These Diversity Leaders Initiative (DLI) alumni gathered to focus on serious issues confronting our state and to strategize and determine ways to get more actively involved in shaping and supporting emerging education and healthcare initiatives in our state. The excitement and energy that grew over the course of OneSouthCarolina, the inaugural DLI graduate weekend, was palpable.

Presentations on poverty, healthcare, and education by MUSC President Ray Greenberg, school equity attorney, Steve Morrison, and panels of experts engendered thought-provoking discussions and brought rousing applause. Learning more about and experiencing South Carolina food, culture, and music showcased the diverse talents, unique qualities, and commitment to excellence possessed by so many residents of our state. Most of all, the synergy and camaraderie of the DLI graduates assembled on Hilton Head created an atmosphere of enthusiasm and excitement about the possibilities of helping move our state forward.

OneSouthCarolina is not just about a weekend, however. Rather, OneSouthCarolina is a movement being built on the power of DLI alumni--on the power of these alumni’s cross-sector relationships, shared diversity lens, and passion for our state. These DLI graduates, who possess creativity, energy, capacity, and strong leadership skills, are a formidable force for change. We believe strongly that OneSouthCarolina: the DLI graduate weekend has already begun creating a legacy of lasting positive results for South Carolina in meaningful and tangible ways.

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