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DLI in Action: SuperCapstones

DLI in Action: SuperCapstone/Service

Webinar: DLI in Action: Getting Involved Where you Are

What small thing can you do from where you are to help level the field for the children of South Carolina?

On Tuesday, May 21, 2013, DLI alumni across the state tuned in to hear fellow DLI alumni Forrest Alton, Deb Campeau, Mitch Kennedy, Renée Romberger, and Susan DeVenny talk about the work DLI graduates are doing across South Carolina for the children of our state through specific, targeted interventions. SuperCapstones “Putting a Pause on Teen Pregnancy,” “text4babySC,” “Battling Childhood Obesity,” and “Choose to Read” are avenues for action.

The power of DLI is you, the graduates of DLI. With your developing relationships, your shared diversity lens, and your passion for the people of South Carolina, you embody a unique force of creativity, energy and capacity.

OneSouthCarolina is an ongoing examination of how poverty, education and critical arenas such as healthcare and justice are linked, and how these intersections figure into the equation of greater or lesser well-being and economic opportunity for all the people of the state. Though we cannot, in a weekend or even a year, resolve the disparities that exist, we can begin to move forward together to address them.

Below are links to the summaries of the first year’s progress of four SuperCapstone projects: Choose to Read, Putting a Pause on Teen Pregnancy, Healthy SChools, text4babySC and Two South Carolinas. These projects focus on children. They provide ways to begin to level the field for the working poor and the very poor by providing support before birth and during early childhood through adolescence. Each project is championed by a DLI alumnus – a strong state leader who has created a foundation for the work that will be developed over the year. Each addresses a specific problem and advances a specific solution.

As these projects have developed, participants have deepened their relationships with one another, learned more about the diverse communities of South Carolina, and begun to build momentum for broader and deeper endeavors that will create a different future for our state. We hope you will join your colleagues in various avenues of service as we take our next steps together.

Battling Childhood Obesity

Choose to Read

Putting Teen Pregnancy on Pause


Two South Carolinas