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South Carolina Diversity Leaders Initiative Health Professions Advisory Council

Developed in cooperation between the Riley Institute and the University of the South Carolina School of Medicine Greenville, the DLI Health Professions Advisory Council adds value to the learning environment of USCSOM-Greenville by advising and assisting in establishment of the diversity, inclusion and cultural competency agendas and the emerging strategic diversity plan for USCSOM-Greenville.

The vision of the SC DLI Health Professions Advisory Council is to help create and support USCSOM-GREENVILLE as a medical community where such diversity dimensions as race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, academic background, socioeconomic status, life path, place of residence, professional experience and professional interests highly valued, present, and reflective of South Carolina's demographics and cultural affinities, and in which full organizational participation in the environment is facilitated.

All members of the Council are alumni of the Riley Institute’s Diversity Leaders Initiative. They come from across the state and include representatives from every sector of society.

An updated membership list of the Council will be available soon.

For more information please call Megan Dodgens, Manager of Diversity Leadership Programs at 864.294.3253 or