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DLI Graduate Education Series

This virtual workshop, part of the OneSouthCarolina DLI graduate program, equips Riley Fellows with the tools needed to manage their organizations effectively within the context of the current racial justice movement.

Following the emergence of one of the largest racial justice movements in decades, organizational leaders across the country are now navigating lofty questions: What does our organizational mission call for in this context? How do we support continued progress? How do we manage change and political and ideological differences in the workplace?  

To help leaders arrive at the right solutions for their organizations, the Riley Institute will launch a new DLI graduate education offering, "Leading in the New Reality: An Exploration of the Impact of Systemic Racism and the New Expectations of Organizations, Institutions and Leaders," this fall. Part of the Institute’s OneSouthCarolina DLI graduate program, the first installment of this series will help Riley Fellows better understand what the current racial justice movement means for their enterprises and how to navigate its complexities.

Like the undergraduate DLI program, the graduate program will be led by DLI facilitator Juan Johnson, President of Diversity Leadership in Action™ and the former Vice President and Director of Diversity Strategies for The Coca-Cola Company, and will include breakout discussions among peers, scenario analyses, and substantial time for questions and answers.

Available only to DLI graduates and capped at 30 attendees per section, this three-part workshop is customized to meet the specific needs of participants, and will provide a forum for leaders to discuss complex and sensitive issues with trusted peers. Workshops are three hours in length and will take place over the course of three consecutive weeks.

The cost of the program is $1,500 per person.

Due to high demand, the class will be split into three sections, with one 30-member cohort meeting on the mornings of September 10, 17 and 24; another 30-member cohort on the mornings of September 22, 29 and October 6; and third cohort meeting on the mornings of October 19, 26 and November 2.

"Leading in the New Reality: An Exploration of the Impact of Systemic Racism and the New Expectations of Organizations, Institutions and Leaders"

Session One: A Watershed Moment

Since protests surrounding the death of George Floyd began earlier this year, what have we learned? How do leaders support continued progress? Participants will share observations, experiences, concerns, and aspirations regarding this moment in history.  

Session Two: Tools for Today’s Challenges

What tools and infrastructure support new behaviors and action on individual and organizational levels? 

Session Three: Discussing the Undiscussable

How do you manage political and ideological differences in the workplace while holding employees accountable?  How do you manage employees who resist change? How do you manage bad actors across the spectrum of viewpoints? 

Please indicate your interest in the program by clicking here and submitting this form, and a member of the DLI team will connect with you shortly. To ensure the richness of experience, the inaugural graduate class will be demographically diverse and include participants from many sectors.