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Lowcountry Class I, Spring 2006

Lowcountry Class I, Charleston, SC

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Complex Molecules

The Complex Molecules group members focused on analysis of the local CARTA mass transit system in the Lowcountry. After reviewing information on the demographics of riders, the organization and diversity of CARTA employees, and the route system, group members concluded that several changes must be made in order to promote mass transit in the Lowcountry.


QOLIG, or Quality of Life Index Group, identified the need to study the high school dropout rate of South Carolina students. As the number of students who drop out before the 12th grade continues to grow, group members recognized the need for a form of mentorship to take place between the students and their community. Through their examination of high school dropout rates in South Carolina, QOLIG members constructed a website that presents a great deal of information related to the escalating dropout rate.


LCV8 group members chose to focus on the retention rate of teachers in the Lowcountry with a specific focus on Brentwood Middle School. After examining demographic data on the school, teachers, and students, group members found a disconnect existing between the teacher population and its relationships to both the students and the district administration. LCV8 proposed many changes that should take place in order to reduce the turnover rate among teachers at Brentwood.

Killer Bees

The Killer Bees presented a case study on the effects of racial and ethnic diversity as a result of admission criteria used by Buist Academy, a K-8 school located in the Lowcountry. Created in the mid-1980s, as a way to increase diversity in public schools, Buist came under extreme scrutiny by the residents of its District 20 because non-minority students were not granted admission to the academy. The Killer Bees studied Buist Academy's history and relevant legislation in order to investigate admissions procedures at magnet schools.

Beach Buddies

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