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Lowcountry Class VIII, Fall 2013

Lowcountry Class VIII, Fall 2013

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Community Connections

Community Connections is a project that serves to leverage the connections of our group members to serve and benefit a need of a Charleston Promise Neighborhood school. Charleston Promise Neighborhood is an innovative nonprofit established in 2010 that aims to break the cycle of poverty in specifically identified neighborhoods in Charleston.  Four elementary schools are served, and they are the focus of Community Connections.

The Riley Institute-Honoring the History of the Rice Culture

The purpose of this Capstone project is to develop an opportunity to educate and provide an experience around the Rice Culture and to expose the economic contributions of the culture for 8th Grade students in Charleston County. The group is providing a thoroughly planned out and financially supported field trip to the Rice Museum and Hobcaw Barony for the 8th grade students at Sanders-Clyde and Burke Middle Schools. Curriculum has been developed and will be turned over to the schools to be used by the teachers in the school.

Docs-Adopt in Clarendon County

The goal of the capstone project is to help to expand the Docs-Adopt Wellness Initiative to the I-95 Corridor. Docs Adopt is an initiative of MUSC’s Boeing Center for Children’s Wellness, and its mission is to form an academic and community partnership that will help the Center to understand how to best change the climate of participating schools to promote student and staff wellness and make the overall school and community environment healthier.

Triple A Student

The “AAA” student initiative was designed around the concept that with the right attitude and aptitude a student can excel  regardless of their background – in other words- lift his/her altitude. The purpose of the program is to provide educational opportunities to all students that will enhance the current offerings of Beaufort County School District in the areas of character development, networking skills, effective communication, conflict resolution, and problem solving techniques through such mediums as the arts and community service.  

Why Not Charleston?

“Why Not Charleston” aims at launching the Lowcountry DRC program, a cutting edge recruitment strategy that helps attract and retain top talent while promoting diversity throughout our State. As a team, the group will identify and secure local ownership of the DRC initiative, grow the critical mass of members and provide communication tools/resources to sustain its growth.