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Midlands Class II, Spring 2009

Midlands Class II, Columbia, SC

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Members of Merge emphasized addressing the current needs of non-profit organizations in Columbia that utilize the diverse talents of local professionals. Their focus was to give beyond monetary donations by also giving of their own time and talents. Members of Merge achieved this goal by creating a pool of volunteers consisting of themselves and colleagues to volunteer at various non-profit organizations that would most benefit from advisory work.


Members of Prism focused on a desire to ensure that all young people have the opportunity to embrace, learn, and grow from their individual diversity. They sought to unify the community by raising awareness about the experiences of children in South Carolina.


With the general belief that young people are the future leaders of South Carolina and must be taught diversity issues, members of Fusion geared their interest towards the seniors of Clarendon County’s public and private high schools. Their goal was to build leadership skills, relationships, and community among these high school seniors by planning a community service project. Members of Fusion partnered with City Year Columbia and the Clarendon community to achieve their goal.


Recognizing, valuing, and respecting the differences between themselves and others, members of Tween came together to share their own diversity with the students of Midlands Middle College. Members of Tween visited the Midlands Middle College to learn more about the school and its students. As a result of the visit, they set their goal to use the diversity of their strengths, life experiences, and vocational journeys in order to provide assistance to the students.

Monnie and the Magical 8

Members of Monnie and the Magical 8 sought to teach young people to “Take a Second Look.” Understanding that discrimination begins in middle school, members of Monnie and the Magical 8 set their goal to urge middle school students to look beyond their classmates’ clothes, hair color, weight, or height.