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Midlands Class III, Spring 2010

Midlands Class III, Columbia, SC

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With the primary objective of building a greater sense of community and promoting diversity awareness among our leaders of tomorrow, Synergy will bring together a diverse group of student leaders around the Midlands to address a prevalent social issue—Texting While Driving.


Ministro means “To Serve” in Latin. Drawing from shared lessons of humble beginnings in the lives of our families and friend, this group’s project focused on working with the South Carolina Primary Health Care Association to leverage the resources of the group to gather supplies to assist migrant workers and their families. The Mission of the SCMHP is to improve the health status of migrant and seasonal farm workers and their families in South Carolina by providing and promoting culturally and linguistically competent health care and health related services.

1DERS: Diverse Energy for Reaching Solutions

Diverse non-profit community groups need assistance in meeting their goals. Other groups have the time and talent to assist them with their needs. Frequently, these groups are unaware of each other. With its Capstone Project, the DLI Group “1DERS” has developed a self-sustaining online conceptual vehicle – Partners For Promise – to act as a clearing house through which non-profit entities can come together to match needs and resources for the betterment of all segments of the community.


DiverSC, believing that the nation has a diversity “blind spot” toward South Carolina, designed a project intended to correct the misperception that South Carolina lacks diversity or fails to value diversity. This misperception is a problem for South Carolina , as the State seeks to attract businesses, job applicants and students who value diversity. As part of the project, the group analyzed research designed to determine what others actually think of our state. One thing we learned is that many people feel they do not know a lot about South Carolina.

STRETCH for Children: Striving to Reach Each Terrific Child's Hunger

STRETCH (Striving To Reach Each Terrific Child’s Hunger) sought to address a tragic reality facing many children in South Carolina every weekend - a lack of available food, as a result of not having access to school-provided free and reduced price meals. After researching the mechanics, infrastructure, and viability of existing programs designed to combat this problem, STRETCH worked in conjunction with Harvest Hope Food Bank to implement a Backpack Program at Sumter County School District Two's R.E. Davis Elementary School, a school with a 96% free and reduced price lunch rate, in which children are sent home every weekend with a backpack stocked with nutritious, child-friendly, easy-to-prepare food. STRETCH designed the program with an eye on creating a sustainable, scalable model that will hopefully be replicated in other schools.