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Midlands Class VI, Spring 2013

Midlands Class VI, Columbia, SC

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Ask4HD (Ask for Human Diversity)

ASK4HD is committed to cultivating an experience of artistic expression for children who may seem different but are also very similar, and encouraging a celebration of this diversity through a process of co-creation. The group will build on a previous capstone project – “Mix It Up” – by the DLI Twenty Sixers (see:

Know Difference

Members of the Know Difference Team recognized that often good news is overshadowed by the bad news in today’s society. Know Difference decided to promote South Carolina’s good news…already existing, dynamic youth programs that have daily impact and address diversity. Team members reviewed three programs and narrowed their focus to Unite Summerton. Unite Summerton brings together students from two local Summerton schools one public, Scotts Branch, and one private, Clarendon Hall, to celebrate and promote diversity amongst young people.

Why Columbia

Columbia’s future depends heavily on our region’s ability to attract and retain human capital.  ‘Why Columbia’s’ goal is to help recruit potential new hires by dispelling the negative impression that the Midlands of South Carolina are neither inclusive nor progressive.  To achieve this goal the ‘Why Columbia’ team is promoting the Diversity Recruitment Consortium (DRC) in our region. 

BridgeSpan - RNE - Learning from Each Other

BridgeSpan.RNE will develop a program that will help to bridge the gap between Hispanic and non-Hispanic students at Richland Northeast International World Baccalaureate High School.  Hispanic students have had lower graduation rates, higher drop out rates, poorer attendance and problems associated with inappropriate behavior.

Keeping the Promise

Summary coming soon!