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Midlands Class XII, Spring 2019

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One Fairfield


The goal of One Fairfield is to create an opportunity for the student bodies of Fairfield Central High School and Richard Winn Academy to foster communication and ultimately establish relationships with each other. As a result of the racial composition of each school, student exposure to diversity in the education setting is limited. Richard Winn has a predominantly Caucasian student body, and Fairfield Central High School has a predominantly African American student body. While the schools are separated by only 5 miles in Winnsboro, SC, their current interactions are limited and educational opportunities vary. One Fairfield poses a plan for a purposeful interaction between the two student bodies.

Food for Thought

Food for Thought was inspired by the notion that we, as a society, have forgotten the importance of civility. Civility begins when people can discuss their differences in a way that unifies and strengthens their bond as opposed to creating a division. The team recognizes the importance of civility in society and the responsibility to instill that same belief in young people. Their goal was to create a space for young people to experience diversity and inclusion in a welcoming environment and to recognize their differences as strengths.

College Bound Kids

Saving for college is a difficult task for any parent or student, and often parents and students give up before even trying because they assume it is simply an unachievable goal. 529 savings plans, which were created pursuant to Section 529 of the Internal Revenue Code, are investment accounts that can help parents or students save money over time for the high cost of education. These accounts are sponsored by individual states and provide tax advantages when funds are used for qualified education expenses.


For the past 20 years, the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce has hosted dozens of high school students annually for Business Week, which seeks to prepare young adults for their future by “introducing them to the principles of leadership, teamwork and the American free enterprise system while promoting self-reliance, individual responsibility and entrepreneurship”. Diversity and inclusion are crucial components of these principles. #LikeAGirl will be providing modules to the Business Week students this July on the concepts of diversity, inclusion, and bias.

Project Power Play

Project Power Play is a capstone project that connects USC Rotaract, USC’s Society of Automotive Engineers, and a corporate sponsor to enhance maneuverability for children with mobility challenges. Following a model designed by Georgia’s Etowah Electric Eagles FRC robotics team, South Carolina college students will design, build, test, and deliver mobility solutions through robotic technology. The project will allow students to apply their STEAMM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics, Medical) to serve others and impact the local community.