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Upstate Class I, Fall 2003

Inaugural Upstate Class I, Fall 2003

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Question: Does diversity tension affect student performance in our public schools? Process: selected Lake Forest Elementary School due to student diversity; studied school data; identified diversity mixtures; evaluated school motto/mission, and requirements; conducted interviews.

Capstone Creatures

The Capstone Creatures' starting point question was "Has the physical separation of the programs of United Ministries in three separate buildings on two different sides of the street created more than a physical division among the staff?" The Capstone group did a cultural audit and interviewed staff and volunteers associated with the organization. The group discovered that the geographic diversity problem (two sides of the street) was more relevant than the more traditional diversity issues of race and gender.


The Flexdawgs created a website,, to exemplify community building efforts in Greenville. The purpose of this website is to not only "spread the word about successes in the Greenville area," but also to explore areas of improvement in our community. The website features diversity as it relates to Greenville’s economy, education, its community, the arts and diversions.


The group called RSVP examined the impact of the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) law on Greenville's school district, especially Title I schools. They discovered that nowhere is it more urgent to achieve the goal of No Child Left Behind (NCLB) than at Title I schools, those schools that serve the highest concentrations of children eligible to receive meals at no cost or for a reduced charge. The most important lesson learned from our study is the recognition of the magnitude of the challenges facing our Title I schools.

Comiendo Juntos

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