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Upstate Class VII, Fall 2008

Upstate Class VII, Greenville, SC

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Bridge Builders (Upstate Diversity Forum)

Upstate Diversity Forum – Building Inclusive Organizations and Communities Discussions about diversity are occurring in small silos in limited industries and community organizations. Bridge Builders created the Upstate Diversity Forum to provide an opportunity for diversity leaders from private corporations, non-profit groups, and government organizations across all industries and areas of interest to discuss diversity and inclusion progress and challenges within their respective entities and the community.

C2C: Collision2Collaboration

C2C: Collision to Collaboration selected Sara Collins Elementary’s Sizzling Saturday program for its pilot.

Goal: Define, create, plan, and implement a Diversity module to be incorporated into an existing Sizzling Saturday event at Sara Collins Elementary. Based on the results of this pilot, we plan to define the Sizzling Saturday program with a Diversity module and introduce it to elementary schools in neighboring school districts working collaboratively with schools and local PTAs.

STANDUP—Speaking Truth and Understanding People

STANDUP’s goal is to attempt to broaden the horizons of the Upstate’s most challenged youth by connecting them to opportunities for interaction with successful adults and exposure to future possibilities. Based on the belief that among the many challenges facing too many of our youth is a lack of exposure to successful paths forward, we recognize that a successful and stable career may indeed seem out of reach to those youth who have little to no opportunity to meet and interact with participants in various career paths and witness the options available to them.

The Riley Factor

The Riley Factor mission is to enhance the academic success of our children and the economic success of our community by promoting early literacy. We developed the READ Babies Project to emphasize our theme, “Read Early and Develop (Successful) Babies”.

Your Friends 4

Recognizing the pervasive threats to children posed by the internet and other digital communication devices, and the desire for parents, grandparents, teachers, and others to more fully understand these threats, Your Friends 4 sought to develop a program that would inform all those concerned with the safety of our children. Cyber threats are not unique to any one demographic. The abuses and dangers of this technology touch children from all walks of life. The diversity focus of this project is as broad as one can define diversity.