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Upstate Class XII, Fall 2011

Upstate Class XII, Greenville, SC


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Aurora aimed to work with the elderly population of the Greenville community. To do this, Aurora focused on expanding an already existing project, Living Words, which works with the aged population in Spartanburg and introduces them to the art of creative writing through writing seminars and social gatherings.

These events aim to meet both the social and cognitive needs of the elderly. Aurora added a youth dimension to Living Words by recruiting high school students from the Greenville area to serve as teachers.

2012 CUED In! (Calendar of Upstate Events on Diversity)

To promote diversity education and awareness, CUED-In produced a 'Diversity Calendar' for the Upstate. The calendar highlights events that bring new viewpoints, cultures, and traditions to the community. With the calendar, CUED-In hopes to give a human face to diversity through photos highlighting diverse peoples, events and even foods. This calendar promotes the inclusion and acceptance of diversity, and will be distributed across the Upstate.

Marking a Difference

Marking A Difference is a program developed for telling the Upstate’s diversity dimensions profile evolution. South Carolina’s Upstate region has a rich, historical past and a population becoming increasingly diverse and multicultural. While some significant events/people have been recognized or “marked,” many in our community have been lost or forgotten.

Board Link

BoardLINK is a searchable database intended to make community service opportunities available to DLI alumnae. It is hoped this will increase Board participation and representation, particularly in local government, by DLI alumnae who appreciate the importance of diversity and can offer different perspectives on issues. BoardLINK’s intended purpose is to broaden the pool of candidates available to serve on local government boards, which may lack a diverse pool of qualified candidates.

Through this process the group have/will:

Education Exchange E(Squared)

Education Exchange E2’s  project theme is to identify and display how schools dealing with diversity are being creative and successful in developing some best practices that could be shared with other educators.

The group’s goal is to develop information and a repository that teachers, administrators, guidance counselors etc. could go to for information or resources.

Group members aim to highlight schools that deal with diverse issues of students and education.