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Upstate Class XXIV, Fall 2017

Upstate Class XXIV, Fall 2017

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Fostering Hope

Team Fostering Hope has partnered with Fostering Great Ideas (FGI), an organization dedicated to improving the lives of children as they struggle in foster care ( Currently in Upstate South Carolina, there are 1,642 children in foster care and only 900 foster families. Seven hundred and forty two more foster families are needed TODAY so that every child can live with a family while in foster care.

DeLIvering Compassion

More than half of the students in a typical classroom have experienced some form of abuse or neglect, encountered a violent crime, or experienced another traumatic event. Trauma can impact brain development and impair a student's ability to learn and/or control behavior and social functioning. Trauma can also significantly affect a student's overall performance at school contributing to poor attendance and an increase in behavioral problems that lead to suspension or expulsion, and a higher dropout rate.

PW Chop

Phillis Wheatley Culinary arts for Healthy Outcomes Program

A centerpiece of the Nicholtown community, Phyllis Wheatley has been serving the Greenville area for 97 years. Situated in an area of high poverty, the neighborhood is considered a food dessert and the health of the community’s residents has been profoundly affected. PW CHOP, the Phyllis Wheatley Culinary Arts Program for Healthy Outcomes, is the collaborative effort of DLI class 24’s groups 3&4. 

Touch A Truck for Autism

Loud sirens, big trucks, and unusual looking uniforms can create a scary and confusing situation for someone with autism. As a result, first responders, families and individuals with autism face a challenge and potential risk, when an emergency occurs. The Touch a Truck for Autism team united to provide an experience where individuals with autism can become familiar with our first responders, their uniforms, trucks, sirens and other equipment.