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Wachovia Grant

(l-r) Dr. David Shi, Chris Riley, Kendall Alley, Secretary Riley

$500,000 Grant from Wachovia for the Riley Diversity Program

In 2005, the Riley Institute at Furman announced that The Wachovia Foundation had generously donated $500,000 in support of the Riley diversity program. These monies are used to provide scholarships for minority participants. 

The Riley diversity program is designed to build leadership skills and develop competencies that can identify important diversity issues and bring about effective solutions. In addition to Wachovia, the program is supported by a consortium of companies including Michelin North America, AnMed Health, Greenville Magazine, Palmetto Health, and the South Carolina Research Authority.

Kendall Alley, Wachovia's regional president for South Carolina in 2005, commented that, "Our hope is that through programs like this, we can enhance diversity awareness among the leadership in the South Carolina business community and foster an appreciation for the similarities we all share. We're pleased to be able to provide support for the Riley diversity programming through our foundation."

Don Gordon, director of the Riley Institute said, "Each class of the Riley diversity program includes leaders from a wide range of organizations and backgrounds, and this gift from Wachovia will make sure the cost of the program is not a deterrent to anyone. The Riley diversity program has become the state's premier diversity management program, and this financial support from Wachovia will only make it stronger and more inclusive. We're excited about the opportunities this creates for the widest range of leaders across the state."

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