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Brianna Brunson

Brianna Brunson
Scott’s Branch High School
Summerton, SC

I would like to establish a system of volunteerism that would lend to the senior community. It would include: talking, helping to clean around their houses, picking up needed supplies/groceries from a trip to the nearby town, and maybe even just walking around the neighborhood. There is a place in Summerton where some of the senior citizens in the community gather weekly. I would like to go there and teach a computer class to those that are interested. I want to show them how to communicate with their grandchildren using technology. There is also another population of seniors in the local nursing home. Oftentimes some of them never have visitors. I would like for some of the youth to go on a routine basis to sit with them and provide some form of entertainment. They seem to enjoy when people come in to sing with them. One activity I would love to establish is a prom/ dance/social.

I feel it is important to give back to a generation that have given so much to us.

Press Coverage

Scott’s Branch student, Brianna Brunson, who participated in the Emerging Public Leaders program 2015-16, was recognized by Furman University for her service project. She organized volunteers to visit nursing homes and spend time with elderly Summerton residents during the holidays. Brunson’s project also included collecting personal hygiene items for lower-income senior residents and spending time with seniors who were in the hospital. Manninglive