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Erica Daly

Erica Daly
Fort Mill High School
Tega Cay, SC

Erica organized and moderated a panel discussion titled "Mentoring Future Women Leaders" with women serving in public office locally within my community.  The leadership positions included town mayor, chair of the local school board, city mayor pro tempore, and county government council member.

The discussion was open to the public and advertised to high school students and the general public in newspapers, posters, and social media. The goal of this event was to spark interest and lay the groundwork for a pipeline of future women candidates who are needed to serve at all levels of government.  South Carolina places within the bottom ten for women in elected office in the country. On a personal level, she has been interested in studying law and politics in high school and had not found many opportunities within the community to learn what it’s like to run for office, what the day to day job is like, or what skills were needed to be successful in office. She decided to organize something herself to give teens in high school as well as women of all ages and opportunity to gain knowledge about leadership roles.

“It is important for women to have more equal representation in policy decisions, because every policy has an impact on individuals and families sooner or later, in some form.  With more comprehensive input at the state and federal level reflecting population demographics, the quality and effectiveness of legislation should improve.”

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