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Affecting Policy

The Riley Institute’s study on public education provided us with the data and the potential to dramatically improve education in South Carolina. Given the high levels of consensus we found among business leaders, educators, parents, students, and members of school boards, and given the passion for education reform in South Carolina, the logical next step was to inform and engage the public and key legislators in building support and momentum for education and funding reform.

Since the completion of the study, we have carried out over 200 in-depth briefings for members of the South Carolina House and Senate, educators, businessmen and women, mayors, city and county officials and a variety of community and civic organizations focused on the results of the Riley Institute’s Hewlett-financed research. We have also worked to engage civic and community organizations and businesses across the state in activities that support such change. The briefings and presentations that have taken place are designed to create both an understanding of and readiness for education reform among legislators and other state leaders.