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The research team has analyzed and compiled the tremendous number of recommendations suggested by stakeholders for improving public education. South Carolinians identified nine key action areas that provide a guide for developing schools where all students succeed. In addition to the nine key action areas, findings are available by stakeholder group and by grade level.

A key finding that emerged from the data is that we have found a tremendous amount of consensus among all groups on how to improve public education. This is an interesting finding in light of the fact that few people in South Carolina believe there is much consensus on issues of education, primarily because hot button issues such as school choice and No Child Left Behind dominate media coverage. Often times, the issues people care most about become tangential to the discussion.

To view data by stakeholder group, click here.

To view data by grade level, click here.

Summaries are available for the Top Five Survey Items in each category.

Data by key action area is available. Click here to view the key action area papers.

To view an overview of project findings, click here.