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2013: Grand Rapids

New Tech Annual Conference (NTAC) 

New Schools Training at NTAC 2013: “Are You Ready?”
Grand Rapids, July 16-19

Teachers and leaders from Cougar New Tech and Scott’s Branch New Tech attended the New Tech Network’s New Schools Training in June in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Teacher-facilitators were intensively trained by Network staff in project-based learning; the effective use of technology in the classroom; and how to instill a culture of trust, respect, and responsibility in the classroom.  Cougar New Tech and Scott’s Branch New Tech faculty also outlined the attributes of their ideal graduates and created ‘roadmaps’ that connected the New Tech learning model to college and the careers of the 21st century.  Dr. Gwendolyn Harris, principal of Scott’s Branch New Tech, said New Schools Training “…enhances student collaboration, critical thinking and effective communication…. The week was intense, but I believe that we are ready for the New Tech challenge.”  Stay tuned for more exciting news following the August 19 opening day!  Follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook to receive the latest news from the New Tech Network in South Carolina!

For more information about NTAC, or to explore participation in NTAC in the future, please contact Courtenay Nantz at

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