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Community Engagement - Get Involved!

There are many opportunities for businesses and community leaders to be involved with New Tech schools. One of the key facets of the New Tech Network design is building partnerships with business leaders and the community at-large. Community buy-in is a crucial factor in the sustained success of the school.

We invite you to indicate how you and/or your organization would like to be involved by completing this questionnnaire.

Community partners can interact with and support New Tech schools in these and other ways:

Academic supports

  • Co-design, co-implement, and co-assess projects
  • Provide the “real world” problems and projects and provide context for state standards
  • Serve as guest speaker(s) during projects
  • Serve as virtual mentors during projects
  • Offer “field trip” experiences that allow students to observe or participate in project-related work processes
  • Provide relevant project resources
  • Offer/sponsor a “Lunch & Learn” experience
  • Serve on the “expert panel” to assess student presentations at the end of a project
  • Provide student internships to meet graduation requirements
  • Offer community service experiences to students (all students must complete a certain number of service hours to graduate)
  • Provide district/school/student leadership opportunities to present within the region to grow awareness of the approach as it relates to developing future knowledge workers
  • Encourage local business and industry leadership to tour the school and/or see their own employees engaged in the co-design, co-implementation, and co-assessment of student projects when possible
  • Provide tutoring
  • Assist during school tours, showcases, or other VIP events

Strategic planning and support

  • Work collaboratively to pull together ideas to advance the school and its programming
  • Develop a needs assessment and a resource assessment
  • Determine the financial and non-financial needs of the schools and businesses
  • Define the desired results; communicate progress regularly