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2016: i3 Project Directors Meeting

Superintendents’ Roundtable

Each summer our project director and other project team members attend the i3 Project Directors Meeting in Washington, DC. In 2016, our project was selected to invite additional participants from our schools to participate in roundtable discussions on what they consider necessary for successful implementation of the i3 grant. Dr. Cliff Warren, Associate Superintendent, Colleton County Schools and principal of Colleton County High School at the start of the i3 grant, represented our project on the Superintendents’ Roundtable.

The 75-minute sessions provided valuable dialogue and activity. Objectives:

  • Grantees will hear from a roundtable of either district superintendents, principals, or teachers to learn about their experiences in implementing i3 first-hand.
  • Grantees will learn more about what supports either district superintendents, principals, or teachers need to successfully implement their i3 initiatives, how they define innovation, and what barriers they face in attempting to move innovations in their schools forward.  
  • Grantees will ask questions of the roundtable group at the end of the discussion about how to better support their own teachers and principals in successfully implementing their i3 projects as well as how to work through common challenges they encounter on the ground during the change process.