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Project Goals

Project Goals: “Creating a Corridor of Innovation”

Following the i3 project’s end in June 2017, hundreds, and eventually thousands, of qualified workers will be added to the formerly economically weak I-95 Corridor workforce, creating a “Corridor of Innovation” in a very high-needs region. If as successful as data would predict, the project will establish a sustainable turnaround model that could have widespread and dramatic impact on low-achieving, high-minority, rural schools and students throughout the state, region and nation.

Project Goals:

  • Student success will be maximized through gaining core knowledge as well as technology, analytical, critical thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration skills.
  • It is expected that 95% of students will meet state achievement standards.
  • Attendance, graduation and college entry and success will exceed national averages.
  • Dropout rates will fall lower than national averages.
  • Achievement gaps based on ethnicity and/or free/reduced meals will narrow or disappear altogether.
  • Students will have the opportunity to earn at least 12 hours of college credit.
  • Student aspirations and opportunities for future employment, low at the outset of the project, will be raised through improved achievement and attainment and personal collaborations with business and industry.