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Greenville County Schools

Greenville County Schools (GCS) is the largest school district in South Carolina and the 45th largest district in the nation, providing educational services to more than 72,000 kindergarten through 12th grade students in over 100 facilities. In addition to serving as the implementation site for OnTrack, GCS is also implementing its own intervention. 

GCS is offering a semester-long Capturing Kids’ Hearts Teen Leadership course that builds personal responsibility and leadership skills through role-playing, group activities, speeches, and projects. Developed by the Flippen Group, Capturing Kids’ Hearts is a research-based process that seeks to increase students’ overall educational experience for both students and teachers. The Teen Leadership course is only implemented in middle and high schools where the Capturing Kids’ Hearts model is already being practiced. Teen Leadership teachers must complete a training course prior to beginning instruction, and students’ progress toward targeted skills is routinely assessed throughout the semester.

GCS’s primary intended impact is a measurable improvement in student behavior. In addition, GCS intends to affect several secondary outcomes, such as development of a healthy self-concept and sense of personal responsibility.

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