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Greenville Health System

Greenville Health System (GHS) is a public not-for-profit academic healthcare delivery system which engages in clinical care, education, and research. The Children’s Advocacy department, now named the Bradshaw Institute for Community and Child Health and Advocacy, was founded in 1995 to reduce health inequities and disparities and improve the total health of children by providing community outreach, health literacy, public policy advocacy, prevention, and chronic disease management.

In order to address student absenteeism, GHS's Bradshaw Institute is implementing School-Based Health Clinics (SBHCs) in OnTrack Greenville middle schools. The SBHCs are integrated into each school and provide healthcare services to the student related to: non-emergent care, treatment of acute illness, e-prescribing prescriptions, administration of over the counter medications, nutrition counseling, and health prevention and illness care education. The SBHCs also provide referrals for other services such as mental health and dental care. GHS is implementing the Primary Care Model in which a Nurse Practitioner and Medical Assistant/Interpreter staff the SBHCs. With the support of telemedicine equipment, the SBHC team ensures that students have access to medical services every day school is in session.

GHS’s primary intended impact is an increase in middle school attendance. In addition, GHS also is interested in affecting several secondary outcomes, including increasing the number of students who have an identified medical home and increasing staff awareness of the purpose of and services offered by the SBHCs.

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