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Public Education Partners

Established in 1985, Public Education Partners (PEP) collaborates with the community, educators and elected officials to support and strengthen public education and student achievement in Greenville County Schools.

PEP’s intervention involves placing literacy coaches in OnTrack Greenville middle schools. PEP’s literacy coaches train teachers in Balanced Literacy and Disciplinary Literacy, two complementary models of differentiated instruction that include strategies for incorporating individualized literacy instruction into routine classroom instruction. Teacher training in Balanced and Disciplinary Literacy includes high-quality mentoring, coaching, modeling, and co-teaching. In addition to providing training to teachers, administrators and instructional coaches, PEP’s literacy coaches complete classroom observations and data analysis and reflection with teachers on a regular basis.

PEP’s primary intended impact is improved academic performance in math and English/language arts. In addition, PEP is interested in several secondary outcomes, such as increased student engagement and improvement in classroom culture.

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